Intro : tera


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Hey mans, ive actually been around for quite some time, reading and posting ;).. now its time for a real proper intro.

well my nick is tera ^^... and im currently 15 yrs old m chinese studying in singapore ( duh..:p)... im in a band called JtvX and i play the keyboard in the band ;)...
I play the piano and euphonium ( in school band ), and i really love the euph, its a very beautiful instrument ..
I love composing music too, done many tracks in my home "studio" which is not even 50% complete .. haha.. i would love to go into audio and music productions, engineering n stuff, so i signed up for hark's music collaboration with sonic studio workshop :)..
hope to work with you guys if there is any chance in the future ( i bet there will =p) ...

by the way , plz check out my soundclick site at :
I will making a website soon( although how soon it is ) lol..

good luck everyone ..
add me on msn @ :).. im always bored and i love MSN chats hehe..