Intro: superkicky


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hi everyone!

i'm joshua/jbarker, 19, and a bassist. i'm a third-year student in temasek design school studying for a diploma in visual communications and i shoot photographs for most gigs i attend.

influences include brandtson, death cab, funeral for a friend, love me butch, mae, matchbook romance, saosin, get up kids, thursday, glassjaw, asl... generally the indie/emocore sort of thing. i do united live and some slap stuff too :D

i play a fender marcus miller 4-string jazz bass, which goes into a ehx whitefinger compressor, boss odb-3 and finally into a hartke vxl bass attack pedal. confirmed shopping list includes a boss tu-2 and ernie ball volume pedal.. :/ def. got more lah, GAS is never-ending.

i'm also not in a band right now! so if you like my kind of music and i like yours, let me know and we might be able to fix something up.