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Hi SOFTies Buddy,
What Is SoFire???
4 Normal Guys with an ATTITUDEs!!! =)
Tired Playin covers and now Goin For Originals (We Know The Consequences!)
Well, 4 Guys...One Heart And Mind in Musical concept.ideas and Thoughts! Is not that BAD to Rock The Stage...Isn't???
Genre??? You tell us.All we can say is Loud, Hard and Rocks Enough!
and Please, Do Come And Check us out at this Links :
Home Page and Short Clip :
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Band Page and Songs :

(Mykael's open to a serious Collaboration with others Musician around the globe for Songwriting, Composing and Arranging.Feel free to Email him : for further info and question)

Thank you for take your time to visit us!

and feel free to comment about us too!


SoFire Band
hi....... :wink:

been 2 ur site....... seem like all members r christians....... so u guys r christian band?........ just curious...... :)

Hi Buddy,
Not a Christian Band But Christian IN The Band =)
we still play those secular stuffs like...those guys from Alter Bridge,Maroon 5 and so on but we play upon request...=)
Long before we play some major rock music...but already tired doin those stuffs and goin original for indie label and some musical project.

Thank you for coriuos =)

Bless yaa,