intro: simon...


hi pple.. i guess its time to intro myself here on soft!.. hees.. here goes..

NAme: Simon Lai


Instrument: Electric Guitar

inFluences: Mozart, beethoven, STEVE VAI, Joe Satch, MArcel Conen, rhandy rhoads, Zakk WYLDE!, Andy timmons, Sould out, cynical annihilation, t-square, inflames, arch enemy, children of bodom, malmsteen, michael ROMEO, symphony X, DT, Brandon Gan, dark tranquility, cradle of filth, illnath, skyfire, death, john petrucci, PAUL GILBERT, richie kotzen, brad garsed, michael angelo, match-box 20, Mr.big, neil zaza, fourplay, larry carlton, paganini, jay chou, wilber pan, dave matthews band, VICTOR WOOTEN, Slash, Steve morse, opeth, avenged sevenfold, God FOrbid, lin jun jie, Earth wind and fire, loudness, darkness, Z-chen, Metallica, liquid tension... and list goes on and on...

bands: Audio Insanity, Hazargaddah

well.. a lil bout me, i started out playing guitar at the age of 12, played for several years... but becuz i was indulged in bball, i kinda slack in guitar, but i was still playing, got really serious in my playing.. when i heard one of Paul gilberts lesson in guitar techique and in the years to come, saw gilbert played here in spore in 2001. so when i was in sec three i decided to be serious in my playing, after 2 yrs of self learning, i decided to get a tutor to guide me in my playing, and i went to brandon gan for help. and he indeed helped me goal in life is to make music as my career, my belief is.. when i grow old.. i want to have a job tht i will love and enjoy.. i can have a job tht pays me 10k per mth, but if i am not happy and start to complain bout it and at the end of the day, get myself all sick and beaten up for it.. all the money will go to my medical bills.. and when i die i will ask myself.. wat have i achieve in life? am i happy? no.. i rather die poor but knowing tht i have achieve something meaningful in life.. and tht is music!! music for life!! and one more thing pple.. its not impossible to make ur dreams come true.. it will come true if u dare to dream.. it dies if u give up on it.. and failures is the mother of success.. rem tht! thts how successful pple succed.. they fail more than they succeed.. haha.. yes.. so pls! support local scene!!! \m/ yea.. and i joined harzagaddah and audio insanity... so yea... and now been playing and hope to be involve more in the local scene...

currently.. studying in FSV(film sound and video) in NP... hope to meet wonderful musicians out there.. so tht i can learn frm u guys... see ya pple soon!!!
aw man can everyone please welcome steve vai? ahahaha. this guys damn good at de guitar. n ur band kicks ass. esp ur drummer. ahaha. cool finally found sum1 else on de forum i noe besides dhalif. :D
will do so when i get it done.. hopefully i can get a webcam.. so tht i can record vids.. haha..
haha this guy is one of the best i know of, he's even good at composing! =)

(NoMiS: k i know its gay that i finally signed on, =P found another person i actually know.)
mmm.. u guys also wat... rem hard work pays off.. and i am not tht good la.. haha but thanx for the comments pple... i appreciate it..