Intro: SherT


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Hey guys! My name's Sherwin, but my friends called me the shert (shirt) for some reason... I'm 15 and currently studying in ACS(I). I've played 3 instruments fo far. I used to play the Bass, and later moved on to the Drums. Currently, I'm picking up the Electric Guitar. Yes I know, people tell me im crazy, as I'm doing the reverse of what most people do. I've been told that most people play the Electric Guitar first before moving on to the Bass... :p

Recently a bunch of my friends pooled their cash and bought me a nice Hamer SATF for my Birthday, after they heard that I was trying to pick up the electric guitar. I stumbled onto this forum a couple of weeks back.

I stink at playing, but I hope to get better soon, learning from all the great folks in this forum! :D