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Hello everyone,
First of all I like to thank the webmaster for this website, it is great to see local talents here and there sure is talent in singapore. The only thing is that most people in Singapore do not know or just too naive to bother to listen to local music.

I come from the era of the post punk period, grew up listening and jamming to Clash, Sex Pistols, Police, specials, bad manners and so on and that gives you some clue to my age LOL

I play the bass during those times, but now has progress to more adult oriented rock now. Since I have some time on my hands now, I am just picking up the guitar again learning licks from almost every rock guitar hero. I do write some tunes of my own as I have now in my arsenal, a japan made Stagg bass which I bougth in 1978, still in very good condition too, a yamaha classical guitar from 1975 which I started with. Recently I got a Squier strat and a Jim harley les paul copy, a boss Dr rhythm and Marshallmg15cdr.

If you chaps, really practiced hard and is dedicated to your music and believe in yourself I am sure that will be a true Singapore guitar idol and not those singapore idols where people spend money voting for them just because they are cute LOL

Cheers everybody and Rock On as R ock and Roll will never dies off , it just gets bigger, louder and faster