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I'm old, an old timer!!!!!
Since 19 yrs old i played guitars, learned from Spencer Goh of Yamaha... Yep, but before i did learn pianos from Yamaha since i was 4...
Since 19, i've been doing songwriting, too long, got up to 500 songs i think, so many junky tapes thrown over a waste of the darn ugly equipment trend... why must things get more complex and EXPENSIVE!!!
2000 i started producing, sum up too much a collection of equipment to waste, started building my studio and became a POOR MAN!!!! Ouch, why must things get so complex!!!! :lol:
Since then, i've became a producer, reading stuff that feels a ton, like sound engineering, marketing, music business and anything under the sun... feels like days passed since i was alive... but well, when a man's got to do what a man's got to do!
Now my studio is my jail, i can't immigrate can i, it's feels like a ton (or what!!!) to move my stuff over... i feel like a turtle with a nutshell.... yeah, it's a COMPLEX studio and i'm a NERD on the techie stuff....imagine, i stumbled from rock music when i was 19, and started adding techno stuff till i'm an overdone musician.... soon i'll be able to make any genre of music and i'm 70... too old to be an infamous artist, more like ZZ Top!!! 8O
OK! I can play guitars, keyboards, touch those techie synth and drum machines, sound mix, play some bass, play some drums, know biz,marketing,audio engineering etc etc etc.... i prefer to be Britney Spears showing her boobs but i'm a man, no boobs around....
My influences??? you need a report? Testament (all those metal stuff) to Paul Van Dyke (all those trance stuff) to Enya (all those new age stuff) to Pop , breaks, etc etc etc... Come on, i listen to everything, had my phases that pass, i'm an old bird!!!!
So are you guessing my age???? i'm 30!!!!
You want to let an old bird do your stuff, then check out

Past band experiences:
8 different bands, latest Genetic Habit (Big'O Records) had album out "From Outside"

Other experiences:
Event organising... producing, songwriting... Why don't you check out the website??? i feel like a brag now!!! :wink:
Wow!! looking at all the gadgets n equipment..i guess it cost a bomb to buy all tht stuff...but anywae i admire ur comitment towards music..Rock On!! Testament? yeah 1 of my fav esp songs like The New Order / The Legacy n Trial by fire.. :wink: