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Hi all,

Perth-born, Malaysian-bred (Sarawak), and moving to singapore in just over a month's time.

Looking to start networking with you local musos, hopefully to form a band with members of similar musical interests, or join established band (with similar musical interests).

I'm a trained pianist, and have a roland stage piano and roland synth but prefer sticking to "basic" sounds like acoustic piano, rhodes, electric piano when playing jazz/funk/groove. Don't mind playing odd effects like pads and string lines when playing Pop. BUt not really a tech-y player, but wanting to learn more about production...

Hmm, that's it for now I guess... Anyway, hope to lurk around the forums more often and hear from the locals before I make the move up to singapore. :)
Wow, I can't believe i posted for the first time back in 2005.

Well, I'm still in Singapore, and after a long-absence from music-related stuff, I thought i'd re-introduce myself.

After letting work get in the way of music, I really want to re-balance the equation and get back into jamming with an aim to record and perform again.

So I'll be lurking around the forums on the look-out for musos who don't mind jamming with a rusty 30-something vocalist, experienced pianist/keyboardist and novice bassist.

Do check out my profile, I think i've filled it to the brim with musical interests, ranging from indie to pop/rock. I also enjoy doing interesting/funny/silly covers of dance/R&B/Rap stuff.

Hope to chat with future bandmates soon :)
It been's a little while. :p

Working mostly, and other distractions that kept me away from music :/

I actually like both of them for various songs/albums. We're talking about their music right? ;)
Hi Jaytea.

Hope you're reading this.
I'm in a band. Would love to have a keyboardist around .
I'll give you the band details through whatsapp or text.
Here's my contact, 97128740.
Sufi. Hope to hear from you soon. :)