Intro: Empyrean


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Name's Luca, 17, right now I live in Dubai, UAE.
Will be moving to Singapore in a couple of months for the last year of high school.
I am the rhythm guitarist/vocalist of Empyrean, and own a basic home studio where we have recorded our EP, and are currently trying to finish an album before I leave.
Our website is:
I've heard the music scene in Singapore is quite large compared to what we have here in Dubai, and this site definitely is proof of that.
We play something close to progressive/melodic death metal.
Hope you'll enjoy.
WelcomE Luca! enjoy your stay! btw cool name, i thought the name Luca sounds like from those movies with italian mobs...
hi! nice website you have there. the audio's not bad too!

hope you'll be active musically in the local scene when you're here. yupz. =)