Intro: Edwin


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hi everione, new to the soft forum..hope to learn frm everione as well as give mi own onli 17...a left hander guitarist, keyboardist, drummer n vocalist..most of de time jus singing for mi band..haha..its better for concentration..mi band's overgate, we won' the national day mv songwriting competition ( best part bout it was winning de 3000 bucks..:p) as well lost in de semi finals of de world battle of the bands singapore...:S which reli sucked bcoz we somehow played reli badly dat nite...didn't help our bass string i hope to learn frm improve well as to nv let silly tins like bass strings breakin n not having a back up plan happen to us again..add me at jus drop me a mesage!
Coz there r not many of em, thtz y they turn out "cool". :lol: They r different frm the rest? Naah..God decided he should b left-handed. Or mayb the devil. Bt who cares, hello there!