Intro: bigmouth


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26 years old, currently studying my masters here in melbourne. i picked up the guitar when i was 14 and retired my strat in 2001 after years of playing in a crappy cover band (till 1998) and woodshedding in my bedroom.

picked it up again in mid 2004 and was surprised at how quicky i retaught myself how to play. i play a wide variety of stuff and have some pretty wide ranging influences. fave guitar players?

johnny marr, eric johnson, stevie ray, jeff beck, wes montgomery

my weapons of choice are fender strats, strung up with 10s, my harem include:

a) 92 white american standard
b) 98 black mexican standard
c) 86 sunburst japanese 62 reissue

i guess i am a reasonable guitar player, would love to get a garage band going just to screw around, have a few laughs. play some rock & roll and just have a blast.

oh, did i mention i am a big fan of the smiths?