Intermediate Metal Guitarist Available!

Choong Jun Rong

New member
I'm a guitarist and have been playing for about 4 years and do not have a ton of practice on metal songs. I feel like I would be more motivated to learn more metal songs if done with a band. Looking for a metal band that is preferably people who are in similar age ranges like me (20-30s). Not looking for anything too serious, but would love to be able to jam regularly (once every 1-2 wks), and be in a band where everyone is able to share the same passion of metal and be okay with one another's progress (fast or slow!). If keen, pls dm me at 8435 3078, or tele @cjrdeluxe198.

My Influences:
metallica, megadeth, trivium, lost society, fit for a king, bury tomorrow, falling in reverse
Hey there, noticed that some of your band influences are quite similar to mine, especially TRIVIUM \m/. I have a YouTube account (search for "TheSunMoon" with that Opeth-Pringles photo lol) with some videos, but it's amateur-ish at best..

But if you like what you see, what say you, to online-collaboration? Cheers!
Hey! I am a fellow metal guitarist living in SG. If you are still looking for band members, i'd love to throw my hat in the ring.