Interested in a China?


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Hey all!

Im considering getting a china from a lion dance shop somewhere in Chinatown. It's brandless but i believe it's from Wuhan, China? Just without the logo. Haha. They only sell it in pairs so i'll have to find a partner to split half with! They come in two different sizes but im interested in getting the 13" one. If im not wrong, it should be $50 for a pair for the 13" and $70 for the bigger size. Also, the chinas would need drilling for it to be able to be placed on a cymbal stand. That i believe i can do because there is a small workshop in my school. Reply here if you're interested!

Also, if any of you know where exactly in SG do they sell the chinas with the Wuhan logo, please do let me know! Not sure if the Wuhans are made from brass but the brandless one is. Hoping to gather more information from you guys!

Thank you!
The province of Wuhan is the place where china cymbals are made. Whether there is logo or not it doesn't matter as the cymbals are made from the same traidtion. The cymbals are made of B20 bronze.
But the last time when i went down to the lion dance shop at chinatown, they told me it was made of brass. Is there actually a way i could distinguish brass and bronze?
From my experience, brass has this yellowish look compared with bronze. Just compare those entry level cymbals made of brass with cymbals made of bronze. Bronze cymbals has more overtones than brass cymbals. The wuhan made cymbals are all handhammered which is commonly associate with B20 bronze alloy.
i see. i think i should bring both a brass and a bronze cymbal down to compare just to make sure! haha! thanks for the help, fuman! also, do you happen to know where bells are available too?

is anyone interested in splitting the pair of chinas with me? it's only going to cost less than $50 for one!
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The bells should also be sold in the lion dance shop. I can go down with you to verify the alloy. One look and hear the tone can tell whether it is brass and bronze... ha ha!
does the same as a normal china??? if it is.. inform me.. coz i have looking for china crash.. for a long time.. and all cost $300plus.. Thanks..
It is a china cymbal. Haha. You can go listen to wuhan samples on youtube made by other drummers! Lots of positive feedback for its price. Im intending to get a 12" china soon. You interested?
hahaha.. tis my first time heard abt wuhan cymbal.. its had hav ethe same sound.. ahahaha.. yeah Ofcoz im interested on getting one.. but tot of getting abit bugger than 12".. haha.. do reply me back.. coz i wan noe where can buy it.. thanks..