Infernal's creed needs members for upcoming debut!


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Infernal's creed is forming a 4piece band to produce originals for an upcoming debut in 2013.. the concept of this debut is commercial metal..(e.g metallica black album untill metallica magnectic death album, korn, godsmack,avenged sevenfold,nirvana and etc).. as you are reading this thread ive already had 3originals in hand but i need key players who can deliver the sound and music that i wish to achieve and make the songs as lively and accurate as possible.. i need a bassist who can shred AND TAP, lead guitarist who can shred, drummer who can really hit hard!! if you are keen about this project, please do contact me at 98618243danny... those of you who cant make it on sunday and who are already in a band NO NEED TO APPLY!