Ibanez sa120

hey, i have a review of it coming up...
the SA120 is a new offering from Ibanez this 2005, Asian market exclusive (some Euro region as well). the SA160 is discontinued (but still available in the stores), the 120 is the superseded model but not a true replacement- different pickup combo...

the vibrato in the SA120 is the SAT30, developed exclusively for the midrange SA models. it's uni-directional (not floating) & non locking 8) review will be up tomorrow- promise...
I went to sweelee and it's listed price is $600.
So I guess after 20% discount, it will be $480 already.
ok i just clarified this with the guys @ swee lee- the SA120 is listed for $600, the current price tag (sticker on body) is already the discounted price for this week.

it seems that the SA120 is listed higher than the discontinued SA160, which has a maple laminate- $560...
hellmurderer said:
btw, I just noticed that my model is sa120bk... Is there any diffference??

What does the BK means??

The last subfix on the model represents the colour.

BK = Black JB = Jewel Blue WH = White, and so on.

No, no difference whatsoever.

No worries. Everybody starts out as a noob.

*gazes into his crystal ball*

I forsee great things for you...

Lol. Forgive me. I'm a little high. But yeah, dont worry about it. Everybody starts out a noob. Give yourself some time and I daresay you'll be advising people here.