Ibanez Premium Line

Ibanez Indonesian Custom Shop.... Sounds interesting already. I'm looking forward to checking out the worksmanship on those guitars!
that's so yesterday bro, he he... there's even ash now (not a Premium, though...)

itll be even more interesting to see at what price point they are released. Currently ibanez already has all the price points covered. Will it replace the rg 500 series and above? Or will it take the place of the lower end prestige line eg. 1550? Anyway considering the current state of mii guitars i expect even greater things from them
hmm price wise I would imagine something like the regular MIJ Ibanez guitars of the yesteryears vs your current MII Ibanez guitars. The RG550 could cost you around the $1000 mark while the current line of MII Ibanez guitars are mostly below $1000. a few hundred bucks difference at least.

I'm guessing that they would be taking this opportunity to raise the price for their MIJ guitars? really looking forward to finding out.

This clearly is a fair battle between MIJ and MII Ibanez guitars now that they are in the same league in terms of wood and worksmanship.
o just found out, its done in a new factory totally owned by ibanez.
Whats interesting is that currently almost all guitars are outsourced. Even their Japanese line is
done by the fujigen factory.
Hmm..Seems like the rg920qm now on sale online

Looks to be in direct competition with the lower end prestige rg1550

Arrrrghh i want one. (serious gas)
This clearly is a fair battle between MIJ and MII Ibanez guitars now that they are in the same league in terms of wood and worksmanship.

interesting bro...

i've always considered the indonesian guitars to be of reputable QC, even before this Premium range launch- not just ibanez, the other brand names also manifest good indonesian crafstmanship. maybe that's the reaosn why i didn't hesitate to buy them. i'm happy with the made-in-China ibanez as well.
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for the price, the QC for Indonesian made guitars is very good. no frets popping out, no sharp fret ends, the paint job is even etc. However, we cannot expect expensive features like rounded fret ends or even a well made floating bridge for the regular production models (those below $1000) because it is targeted at those people on a budget who are looking for a reliable guitar.

Every regular production guitar has the potential to sound good but not many people are willing to upgrade the guitar (Change of pickups, electronics, hardware) to make it sound like it's MIJ counterparts only because it's like taking a gamble. it's like paying $300 just to hear if it sounds good vs paying $500 and confirming that it sounds good from the start (provided if you can test it). At least for now, I figured it would be a fair match :) .
all in all, we have to accpet the fact that guitar manufacturing saw progress in the last few years or so. american & japanese makes are no longer enjoying real exclusive standards in this aspect.