Ibanez Gax 70 or GRX 70


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between the two....i dunno which one to choose :? ...cuz im a newbie...not really new lar but dun noe much...i play mostly metallica stuff....can u guyz help me out..? :D
Dont get any of those. Save your money and get something better, like the RG series, or a jackson!!!! I thought of buying thise two too, last time, you should go read up, on like where it is made, these 2 are, INDONESIA.

Go to swee lee and test the sound of these two and compare it with an RG, there's bound to be a distinct difference. But dont forget, before deciding on anything, put playability first. Feel which guitar feels better in your hands!!!!
Yeah i agree with birdman. Its true. I had one of those and sorta regretted. Whats more like when you get better, you want better axes, its hard to resale. Though you might want to keep it. But save up and get RG series. Better.

Personally, The GAX 70 is a fixed bridge entry level guitar. It's surprisingly good value for money for its price.

Bewarned though, the GAX 70 is a artist type guitar and it's neck-heavy. Meaning the guitar tends to be horizontal when slung (ala-old 50's style). However, for its price, its neck is super slim, 2 tone 2 volume plus 3 way switch for 2 humbucks. Stock PUs sound crunchy enough. Go harmony central webbie and check out the reviews. It's recommended for rock, progressive and even jazz. And personally, I think it packs a good blues feel too.

the GRX 70 is the super-strat cousin of the GAX. Entry level super strat. Despite being possibly made in indonesia, korea or china (depending on shipment...etc), they are generally of good built. Most of the problems of earlier versions were ironed out.

Don't expect a JEM or PRS when u think of these guitars, but dun condemn them too juz coz they're entry level. There's quite a few underground prog rockers in US using mod-GAX 70s. Best way is to go down the shop. Take it for a spin and see if it fit ur tastes.

**I always feel u wun feel so guilty to MOD a entry level guitar extensively than to rip up an expensive one.....**

my 2 cents
i do not think playing a 'made in indonesia' guitar is a threat to your integrity especially when i feel the GAX is a very impressive entry level unit on the merits of its construction & tone. if you are bound by a fixed budget, the Gio series by ibanez are the ones to choose from in addition to the Squier/ Ltd guitars out there. as advised, do read up on these brands before making a commitment, try them out in the stores & decide accordingly.

sidetrack: i'm just back from City Music & i was impresssed by the Hamer entry level guitar i tried, the CX-2. it's one of the best maple fretboard guitar under $400 that i've tried. another testimony to a well made far-eastern product. IMO it's a well deserved competitor to the GAX.

What the people on the forum can offer is advice. Ultimately, let your hands and ears be the judges. It's you who is playing the guitar, not us. Juz my 2 cents..
haha...thanks for all the advices....however....may i know whats the cheapest cost of an RG?.....i on a $200 budget...
$200. You could try 2nd hand GAX or GRX. A new GAX or GRX with no fancy stuff will cost u ard 300+ or close.

It's probably hard to get an RG at 200. A 2nd hand RG will cost ard 400-600 (low end....low quality..etc), a good one ard 600-800....up to even 1000....