How to get the legs moving (double pedals)

Know all that rudiments you do on your hands? Now take it down there. Everyday without fail. There ya go
That bugger donati can even do paradiddles between his hands and legs, HLHH LHLL where H is hand and L is leg. Go figure.
just go with your feel on how u will do it,
i think your legs will do it naturrally when pace is too fast for rlrlrlrlr
saw this from Simon Phillips instructional video on double bass drumming:

Do all rudiments for hands on the feet, but slower of course.


Play the notes from loud to hardly audible but maintaining same speed... its incredibly difficult to control for feet but helps a lot!
well, they're exactly what they sound like.

Some people keep their heels down on the pedal base when playing so using the ankles to move the feet. Others lift their heels up and use their legs to put more power on the pedal.
ok now thats just scary. haha

ive messed abit with my pedals, i can adjust the spring as to make it tigther or real loose but the pedal keeps coming back and hitting in on my shin. I have adjusted the beater inside but it still comes back. Is there anyway to make the beater stay nearer to the drumskin without untouched?
uh yeapp.. theres a beater adjustment angle.. its like , for e right pedal, its on e right side,.. above e spring, you can adjust it there by a drum key or sumthing..
i think i might have a nut missing or something. I see empty holes but nothing in there for me to adjust. i took my other single pedal( same brand ) but nothing there either. It's Camco by Tama.

When i play on the ground i can keep a constant timing but when i move my legs up on the pedal everything screws up.. hmmm any tips?
Use an allen wrench for the "empty holes", that should most likely work.

And I assume you mean heel up when you said "move my legs up on the pedal". This is a common problem regarding control when you're playing heel up. Look at it as a trade off if you want to, most drummers get less control playing heel up, but better speed and stamina. On the other hand, heel down gives you better control, but for most drummers, they find it very taxing to play heel down. But ultimately, it's just a matter of preference.

So yes, try using heel down when playing constant bass drum notes at slower tempos.