how to get acoustic sound using electric?!


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hi all

i was wondering, is it possible to get an acoustic sound using an electric guitar? for my home use with a peavy rage 158, i could get a very nice clean acoustic sound with my js100 using gfx-5 all clean acoustic sound, but when i tried to reproduce that sound in a jamming studio, the result is horrible as the bass gets too lous resulting in the "zeeeenggg" low sound, hence i can only strum the 1st 3 strings.

i have tried to turn the bass equilizer down fully on the gfx as well as the main amp itself, to no avail. i think i am missing out on something... could it be due to other settings?

how do i get a nice acoustic sound such that i can strum and pluck the electric guitar freely?! thanks!! :?
er, maybe check the amp settings? anyhow, how abt using a boss acoustic simulator instead? but that means u have to have 2 amps catering to ur playing, one for ur electric "mode" and one for acoustic "mode", such that when u step on the pedal the electric amp turns "off" and the acoustic on is activited. hope that was of help ^^
Try rolling down your volume so that the amp is not pushed to distorted tones. Alternatively, you can install graphtech piezo saddles or as most has suggested, the Boss simulator.
I'm using a Crate GX15R amp and a Yamaha Pacifica guitar. Not really as glamorous as their Marshall and Gibson relatives (respectively), but good enough to get me through my jamming/self-teaching sessions.

For my amp I set the settings to the following for an acoustic feel.

Gain: about 10-11 o' clock
Level: 12' o clock

Clean: 12 o' clock

Low (or bass): 11-12 o' clock
Middle: 12 o' clock
High: 12 o' clock

Reverb: 12 o' clock

Adjust settings whatever way you like for sound of choice. haha and in case some of you are wondering, yes, overdrive and clean do co-exist. :)
alternatively as spikes mentioned, use an fx pedal. I don't have one but i think it comes in useful in songs that require both acoustic and distortion settings and only one guitarist is available.