How to choose a bass!


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Hi Soft ppl! Getting my first ever bass this week! getting a fender squier affinity P-bass... so how to choose o.o

Getting it from sweelee btw! Thks Guys!
If you're getting the package, I don't think you're allowed to test. That's what happened two years ago when I bought my Affinity Jazz.
I dont understand why not allowed to test... We dont go there all the way to play their instruments and then walk away feeling happier.. At least allow customer to test it for any abnormalities, rather than going back again when we found out if something is not right and spend hours argueing whose fault .. My opinion. Aplies to all shops... Not pointing fingers at mentioned shop her..thanks.
Have you considered other brands around the same price range? City Music's housebrand, Craftsman, has a pretty good starter package for both their bass and guitars. IMO better then the Fender starter pack. Do check them out too!
sweelee allows you to test the starter pack. i was allowed to do so.

i think the squier pack would be a better choice cause the amp can last you quite long and the quality of the bass is better. and the brand...

well,just my 2cents