how do you carry your amp?


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When travelling to gigs with your own gear, how do you carry your amp? do you put it in a bag or just carry ut? i'd be scared of knocking knobs off mine.
Invest in one of those sturdy travelling metal case which has paddings inside. The case would have to be custome-made tho.
I don't carry my amp. Just the pedals, and if need be, my Tri AC, that's about it. An amp is just too heavy and bulky to lug around man.

Get a Tri AC man :D Amp in a box, not enough amps at venue? Plug direct to PA :lol:
Well my amp is relatively light so im not fussed on the weight. I think i would invest in a hard guitar case before an amp one aswell. and also i hardly move my amp, im not good enough to travel around yet
I have a guitar hardcase in one hand, pedal bag the other and I balance my amp on my head. I get weird stares in the MRT though.
a Tri-AC is this nice little gadget that allows to to simulate the sounds of 3 of the best brands' amps around. it sorta makes ur own amp a speaker and nothing more, but all the special sounds come from the tri-ac.

p.s. hope u understood that, i know i dont :oops:
off topic a lil : Anyone knows which shop has the Tri A.C in stock? called esden today, they dont have stock and dunno when they are gonna restocked. :(