hot hot heat

vocals sound like pop punk abit

the sound sounds like pop rock sorta stuff like the strokes and other bands..not too sure on the genre

wow thats indie?

For some reason I also though indie to be hippy flute music.. maybe I was thinking native INDIan music :S
yup, they have really weird lyrics and a band name as well.HOT HOT HEAT. just like all the other indie bands.
nitrovo said:
.. maybe I was thinking native INDIan music :S

Why does everyone think Indie is indian music? :evil:
it's classified as indie rock on the download site, Pinkbox is right.

Yeah, bandages is pretty catchy but I don't like the vocals that much. hot heat's been around for so long.. was hooked to them like 4 yrs ago..

checked out 'goodnight, goodnight'? it's from their latest album..
hot hot heat are good

hot hot heat jsut got a change of guitarist after their last album their previous guitarist joined wolf parade

if you like hot hot heat you should check out these bands

obvious ones- franz ferdinand,the strokes,artctic monkeys,kaiser chiefs,futureheads

also art brut, teh coral, the cribs, dirty pretty things (album not out yet), the fray, the hold steady, the kooks, louis xiv, magic numbers MAXIMO PARK, test icicles, the new pornographesr, the zutons, the rakes
there are plenty more but these are just the best of my lib
hot hot heat are great! it was a great burst of fresh air when they burst on the front! the first song i heard "naked in the city" was an absolute clincher and stuck in my subconcious humming banks for weeks -)