Hi,24 yrs old guitarist here looking for a proper band


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Hi all

I'm kevin, chinese, 24 years old guy from Shanghai if you don't mind, looking for band jamming every weekend at west area ONLY(choa chu kang,jurong east,boon lay etc).

I've been playing several years as a guitarist, I can do both rhythm and lead, perfer lead. I can sing well when in KTV, but LIVE is totally different thing haha :)..... I got three bands before, two was in china(I was a bassist in one) and the other was in singapore. Due to I don't wanna travel from west side to central only for one time jam every weekend, I'm trying to find a band(ANY bands) staying in west side as I mentioned.

Well, Metal(18 and life, sweet child o mine, etc), Japanese animation or other japanese songs( saint seiya, x-japan etc), ,chinese pop songs ( mayday, jay chou, F.I.R, etc) ,all I can play both rhythm and lead well, some songs I can sing also..I love a lot of wonderful songs. I wanna try all the songs except death metal which I think is too crazy for me.

So, if you or your band is trying to find a middle level guitarist or build a new band, don't hesitate to SMS me at :9878-7698. I'm here waiting for you!!!