Help Needed to solve Neck Heavy Problems


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This is my first ever post in this forum. I would like to seek some advice from any experts here or simply those already experienced this problem. I believe its a rather common problem and hope that you guys do have some solutions available.

I just bought a brand new bass, great looks and all that, unfortunately the big problem is that its acutely neck heavy, by that I mean the neck will fall towards the ground giving me a huge problem when I play the bass with the strap on. As I wear it rather low in the first place, around the knee level, I find that I have to prop it up with my right hand firm on the body. This is somewhat a hinderance to my playing as I have to apply strength to keep the bass from pointing towards the floor and also pick the strings using the same arm. Is there anyway I can keep the bass in a 45deg position without having to strain my arm by either holding the body with my right hand or holding the neck with my fretting hand which is a real pain as it slows me down considerably.

I guess wearing it higher wouldn't help, I've tried and the problem still remained.

Any other suggestions?


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I am surprised that you mention tightening the strap in order for the bass to be located higher (around chest/stomach level) does not help. I truly cannot imagine how you manage to play the bass at the knees in the first place.

Apart from relocating the strap button in which you could reallign the weight distribution of the guitar (hence "readjusting" the weight back to the body), I would advise relooking at the 1st suggestion and having another guitarist/bassist take a look at how you hold your bass.

In the meantime, if you wish to play, why not just sit down and play. You'd then remove the problem element (temporarily at least).

Thanks for replying.

Well, to say that the bass hangs right at the knee level would be a little bit of an exaggeration. However, it is true that only a small part of the bass is above the waist level with most of its leverage supported by my right thigh. My playing position standing up is slightly bent backwards, right thigh forward with most of my body weight supported by my left leg. And so now you might guess, I'm also a pick-style player and this position is rather comfortable to assume when I'm using a pick but not really so when I have to play finger-style.

To really give you a clearer picture, my bass actually looks like a reverse Rickenbacker 4001, which means that the longer horn is actually the one without the strap button as opposed to more conventional looking basses.

I think relocating the strap button to the middle part of the body, behind the neck would mean that much of this problem would be solved as like you said, better weight distribution. But. I would prefer not to choose this option as yet as it seems so drastic and I really can't bear to drill another hole into its perfect looking body!! :)

I'm playing this bass most of the time sitting down, its a stop gap measure but when I'm jamming or onstage, its 100% nonetheless and I can't afford to be distracted by my bass with its huge propensity of pointing towards the floor!