help needed (pickup)


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this a great website...bravo....
k straight to the point...
i m already playing the guitar for 3 yers and hook to metal music.
been relative new,im not too fuzzy abt guitar.
i have an old aria pro2 made in korea,no floyd rose.since is my 1st guitar,i don want to buy another 1..its pickup configiration is single-single-humbucker.
can i turn this baby to a heavy type cousin just gave and install for me a duncan invader and it really sound gd...
will it help?
i know out there are gd in this topic
plz don give advise on buying a new 1,im not ready to buy a new 1
You really should buy a new one :twisted: Nah i just had to say that. You want heavy huh? Take out the invader and put in a emg81 and a hot railz in one of the single coil slots.
hiya Rina,
The Invader IMO is suitable for playing metal etc...
(im using it myself :))
How often do you switch to the neck pickup?
If you seldom used it then its pointless to change the pickup.

I would suggest that you stick to the invader for the time being
unless to wanna switch to active circuitry (EMG set)
so wat is the benfit if i change the invader to emg?
neck pickup?
heheh..i have a dimarzio virtual vintage solo...
is it a problem?
well... for a heavy chug.. i supposed most high output pickups will work decently. perhaps the problem doesnt lie with your pickup , but your amp?. do you use any efx?... distortion units?..

a high output bridge humbucker - high gain amp ... and u can EQ it to whatever kinda tone you need. Scooped ..or middy etc...
hmm benefit?
Like i mention unless u wanna go active circuity (I mean for all the pickups)
Invader is ok for passive ..
as for this Virtual vintage i dunno shld be cool also (for mellow tone)

As what Chan Min mention, ur distortion maybe need an Eq pedal..
Invader is a nice, gain-friendly humbucker, metal affiliations definitely AND capable of other stunts as well...

ANY guitar can be METAL-ized, even my Fender Telecaster made it. you did the right thing by installing a high output humbucker in there, especially for the bridge position. i think that's all you need guitar-wise. if you don't play the 2 other single coils, leave them alone... stick to a guitar that's comfy & give you what you wanna hear, acquiring another is unnecessary unless the need arises. what's best to do now IMO is to SUPPLEMENT your guitar.

if you don't already own a hard drive type pedal, it'll help articulate your Invader. if you don't tread the pedal path, invest in a high gain amp. NAPALM DEATH's Mitch Harris just plug his Charvel/ Gibson into his amp & play... he still sounds brutal despite the minimal set-up... good luck!
thnx...abt the amp,i borrowed my cousin amp...which is a peavey rage,who he say he fix it with a celestion amp....i read review abt the peavey rage amp and they it sucks....but so far is ok....effect pedal i have is zoom 5000 hybrid distortion----->boss od-1------>boss e.q
is it ok?
sorry i asked alot....anw im still learning and anw im impressed by member like chan min,subversion,bodomchild.....coz they always get involve in forum abt guitar and music :wink: :lol: :p :) :D 8)
ha ha... i think some of us here are over-indulgent... :wink:

the Peavey Rage amp was the amp i started out with. it's an OK amp really, but the overdrive is a little lacking, best if you use the clean channel & depend on pedals for overdrive/ distortion instead...

i'm of the opinion that you should only get the effects you use/ help you play better. multi-fx units are good to own because of the variety of offerings in store, but they are annoying most of the time. i've gone full circle & use no pedals at all...

get a good amp, it'll reward you more than buying another guitar, really...
like tat i wanna buy marshall valvestate....hahahah....i dunno how it looks like also and which it a gd amp ?but i heard gd review...u can even bring for i wish
penguin said:
As what Chan Min mention, ur distortion maybe need an Eq pedal..

Ain't those eq on the amp good enough? whats the point of having an EQ pedal? can enlighten me on it? never used a EQ pedal before.
rina said:
like tat i wanna buy marshall valvestate....hahahah....i dunno how it looks like also and which it a gd amp ?but i heard gd review...u can even bring for i wish

My suggestion is go get a good pedal like the GT2, it should go pretty well with your Invader. If you want a new amp, save up a bit more and get a tube amp. You should yield better tone.

The Sansamp GT2 will cost you around $150-$200 second hand. Don't even bother first hand, it's a solid unit.
i suppose the EQ on the amp would be sufficient if you only desire for One EQ setting... but if you need say a mid range and bass boost for solos etc..then you would need an EQ pedal. Also eq pedals usually have more bands.. giving you more control to raise and reduce certain frequencies . for amp its only Low , mid , high.

Getting a tube amp is a great ideo.. but remember they are VERY loud.. wah... saturated tube distortion is damn shiok... when u play metal riffs etc.. the crunch u get is OMPF. in the chest.