Help, my guitar isnt working right


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my bridge humbucker isnt working right. Neck bucker is still working fine.

This is what i did yesterday night.....
remove strings,
polished the guitar,
cleaned the fretboard,
took out the bridge hum and readjust the string height (screwed it back),
took out the controls knobs, tighten the "pivot" (i dont know what u call that),
i didnt do anything to the electronics compartment at the back.
and finally restring it back.

this morning tried the guitar and the bridge humbuckers isnt sounding. or rather a very very very sound volume.

i'm using a epiphone G400. Duncan distortion on the bridge.

any help is appreciated

urm... why did u remove the bridge humbucker to adjust "string height"? by that i assume u mean string action?

in any case, check how the distance the humbucker is away from the strings. if im not wrong, getting it to be closer to the strings will increase general volume of the pickup. if that doesnt work, maybe open the back plate and take a look and see if the conductor wires were disconnected or loose when u removed the humbucker.
oh because the default max height is still not what i want. so i remove it and push the string in more to allow more space for the height to be extended.

hmmm when i'm tighten the knob thingy, as it's quite loose before that.
i can feel that i'm turning the whole thing inside so maybe that can be one of the reason that it's been disconnected?
you should consult a technician .... call Beez .... or bring it to swee lee or something.

My guess is you might have accidentally disconnected one of the wires eother through physical contact when you removed them .... or by your cleaning solvents. :)
Connect the guitar to the amp and tap the pickup with a metallic object such as a screw driver. If the tapping is not heard thru the amp then its most likely a connection problem then if you have a multimeter with a continuity function, u can test to see where the fault lies. Maybe u need a little contact spray? Best if u can bring it down to a tech.