Help Help..i have lost my groove.....


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:( hi guys...have you guys ever lost your groove...

when you find that all you can do is play other ppls' song..and you just can't get the music...the music in your head out?

sometimes when i am working and i hummed to myself..the groove appears and i get this wonderful solo out..but i can't find a guitar to play it out..

then the groove disappears..and now i am searching for it damn hard

lost my groove and still looking for it...
Go and get an MP3 Player with a recording function.... thats what i used to do but wif my handphone... i knoe... the wave of creativity sometimes jus strikes
i use a cheeeep mini tape recorder...those reporters use...pretty gd sound quality...also one more thing abt it..for those of you who've heard daddy,brother lover,littleboy by mr big...point the recorder to your pickups...u get the electric drill!!!
haha ... i more or less in same situation ... except i looking / finding a groove i find tt playing music is one thing but composing music dosent come naturally ... comes very hard like struggling , lakc inspiration ( i tihnk i lack enuf musical influence) whatever tunes come out sound liek rip off