Heavy Metal Guitarist Spotlight


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Hello! We are currently publlishing our guitarists spotlight column on our website (http://www.heavymetaltribune.com/), featuring a number of guitarists from local metal bands. Check back every Friday for the next 4 weeks to read new interviews with different guitarists!

This week we feature Wade (aka Jun), from local death metal outfit Chaos Aftermath and learn more about his musical preferences both within metal and outside of metal. Read the interview here!

If there are any feedbacks (positive or otherwise), please feel free to comment on the thread or reply here! (Non-constructive feedback will be simply ignored!) Thanks :D
In our 2nd article for the Guitarist Spotlight column, we feature Qin, guitarist from death metal outfit, ITNOS (also featuring Zul - Cynical Sounds). We learn more about his roles in ITNOS, and some of the thought process in music writing.


Read the article here.
In our third article of our five parts column, we feature the two axe wielders from Draconis Infernum, Niloc and Xepher.


Read the article here.