Haze is bad.

seems kinda clear in yishun now, or maybe dats bcoz im in an air con room, ahahha, anw a few weeks ago the haze was realli realli realli bad, so brur
it's probably due to heat wave singapore is experiencing now although the meteo station says we can expect frequent showers furing this period , i'm beginning to think otherwise....

anyways i came back from work at 1.30am this morning and i could smell smoke on my way home....
Heh, recently just caught a flu cos of it. But i guess i'm lucky, where i live, i seldom smell smoke.
I remember a time where all physical activities in school must stop if the PSI hits 120 and abv... Those were the days, now the haze not as happenin as before..
ChanMin said:
hofner said:
i keep waking up here in ghim moh with flu everyday...and this gives me bad breath.


i think its the leftover food stuck in between your teeth...

Hey i just found some sambal chicken meat in my mouth from yesterday! Still got the sambal taste....not bad...toothpick so small i had to use a fork to dig it out.
Hahahaha a fly.

Maybe when he's sleeping then snore or something. Then the fly go inside, land on the food. -closes mouth-