Hamer guitars


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has anyone tried the Hamer guitars at City Music? Those that retail for about $380. They look like quality, reliable backup guitars to have. Any opinions?
You might want to do some research around. There were reports some time back that some of the Hamers low end have wood that were not dried properly, resulting in problems later.
ooo...thanks for the info.
I didn't look at the model number, but they are the cheapest range of Hamers at City Music.
The californian series or the suburst SX1 and 2 series?

I personally am playing a Hamer SATF. Pretty reliable guitar, but finishing wasnt done very well on the neck, as there are some cracks there now.
The Californian CX2 is pretty decent entry level guitar. Price is right too.

Actually considered buying one when i first started with the Electric.