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Hello, we're currently a trio of drummer, bassist and myself, the singer (age 20, 18 and 26, respectively). We do the old style sort of rock n' roll like The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, early Kings of Leon, CCR and the likes.. We're looking for, ideally, two guitarists who can play together and trade riffs as well as write. Musically and sound-wise, I guess we have to jam to know if things can work.

Besides that, we prefer guys who are done with NS but if you think your schedule can work, we will be more than willing to give it a shot.

Can't think of anything else to say now so leave a message here or in private if you're interested.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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Hey im from new zealand and just arrived in singapore. I just left my band that has the same influences. Do you guys have any recordings or a band page at all?
hi. am a filipino guitarist working in singapore.29 yrs old. i play blues, free, acdc, led zep. i like 60-70's music. am interested in playing with you. pm or sms me at 98595729. will be back in singapore this sunday
Hi, can I join?

I am a a fulltime employee of a factory here in Singapore. I am a Filipino. I play beatles a long time ago. Interested to try becoming your guitarist. I have my own gear. Hope you won't mind my age because older. Hp:8488 5495