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Hey there,

Been playing on and off over the years and only got more serious in the craft over the past half a year or so. Realized the only way to keep me motivated, going, and improving was to be playing music and be involved with other musicians, so here I am seeking for like-minded individuals who may not be ownage in their instruments, but proficient enough and want to have fun.

Genre wise, I listen to some classic rock like RHCP, BonJovi, blues SRV, EC and more contemporary players like Mayer too. Some jazz once in a while too, but haven't gone on to playing them yet. I don't mind playing top40s too.

Open to various genres, but no metal, screamo or jpop for me. ;O

22 this year, Chinese. Hit me up if your band needs a guitarist! ;)

Will try to get some soundclips up, with no proper recording equipment lol.
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