Guitarist wanted!

hi Adam.. I'm cyful and I play guitars.. Saw ur add and I'm really interested. I'm 24 this year still looking for a retail jobs cos that's my forte. None of the company employ me cos they judge me through my appearance not cert and profession. So it left me jobless. Since then I've occupy my life with my girlfriend and music. Thank God my girlfriend didnt give up on me. My dreams now is to earn money while doing what i love that is playing music. I can have the commitment for this band. What I'm experiencing is the same. Yes, life sucks big time! I'm not gonna tell u how long I've been playing the guitars. I'll let u judge for yourself. From there u can see if I fitted ur band or not. I'm not always online cos I don't have a comp. U can always text me or call me. I will be around to pick or reply.
Hi, not to waste your time reading on- im currently 19 yr old, studying in poly. im able to play both electric/acoustic guitar. been playing for almost 5yrs now. Mostly i've been playing blues and rock music (classic rock, pop rock, acoustic rock).

I've been learning under many different teachers since the start of my guitar playing.

well, if there's any chance for an audition you can ring me up at 97862015. email-
my name is Joel by the way. thanks!
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Thanks for your interest. Once again like the descriptions above, please kindly email your details to the email given. Do not reply to the thread directly. Thank you for your kind understanding.