Guitarist Looking for a great band to rock together !


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Hi I'm leads Guitarist playing about 6 years .I am now 21 . Yes I love rock like metallica , ozzy , avenged sevenfold , dream theatre etc . I love alternative rock too .
I've joined bands before but they weren't strong enough to go for future . Some are lazy , some are buzy , Finally break up the band .

Ok , I'm not so professional guitarist but I can play speedy leads especially .
Another thing is I've some pretty tunes that I want to create the own songs + gotta some solos to add in the songs . I love to create those solos btw .

Hope to hear from ya soon !
Regard ,
Hi Randy,

My band is looking for a guitarist to fill up the vacant slot. Our influences are pretty much same as yours. We've got 5 original songs thus far and already recorded one; I can send you the file. Our jammings are usually on Saturday noons. Drop me a message if you're keen, we can work something out.

Hi there,

I'm a lefthanded rhythm guitarist wanting to form a band too. My influences are somewhat in par with yours. Hmm... Let's see what else.... Ouh ya, I'm 23years old this year, malay guy and stay east area. Previously I was from a local black metal band few years back playin bass. But due do individual commitments at that time, I decided to leave the band.

I'm not that professional though, just able to play rhythm and willing to learn all those leads.

Do contact me at 9656 8156... Hope to hear from you soon mate.