Guitarist Available !


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Hey guys. In case its an important consideration. I'm chinese 18 years old. Playing guitar for about a year so far. looking for a group of people to jam with. I am able to commit consistant practice and jamming weekly. Im open to anything really. Hit me back soon !
We're currently in search of lead guitarist for our band.
We're doing Originals,doing an upcoming gig soon an opening act for the band "Thy Fallen Kingdom",.
influences are many type but in my opinion the closest type of sound we play is the band called "DeathChain"
genre basically Death Metal,Thrash metal,Progressive,Deathcore
But our main genre is DEATHTHRASH.
we accept noobs,don't worry.we're not the strict band you find this chillex
pm me at my FB at : cos i rarely come to soft.