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hello :p
My friends call my Joe!

regulars in my ipod are:
Gun N Roses
Avenged Sevenfold
The Script
Breaking Benjamin
the Gazette
30 Seconds to Mars

I've been playing guitar for almost 2 years.. playing mainly rock, but i'm not improving a lot for now :mad:
Given the chance, i will be a very active band mate. I can take criticism and I'm VERY open to all kind of genres. Don't expect me to play very well immediately but i practice hard i promise! :D

Gimme a chance!!

Oh, and im turning 19, studying final year in SP and i live in Hougang :)
you interested to try out Bon Jovi stuff or even Red Hot Chilli Peppers? check out a song called Readymade by RHCP and It's my life by Bon Jovi :) if your okay, drop me a text kies? rock on!
hey im looking for an acoustic guitarist do u play that ? will be going for eng/chn pop, top 40s and anything that is nice!
Hey im lookin for a guitarist too :) 24 chn stay tamp will be into music like eng/chn pop,top 40s and anything that is nice .. dont have any expectations just wanna group up and learn together..

PS Rome wasnt build over a day okie haha so it takes time...

my Contact is at 97407893 or msn