Guitar upgrade, big baby taylor?


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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to guitar and here, so pardon me.

I've picked up guitar 4 months ago, on a full-sized guitar brand called fina, that has been given to my sister(who doesn't play, and has been sitting in the house for more than a year). I'm not quite sure how good it is as my google research only tells me that it's made in taiwan, and the rest of the reviews are written in chinese (my chinese is bad...).

Anw, i've been training to play chords and each time i placed my finger on the correct strings, it always just sounds.. off, (except for the G chord which sounds amazingly sharp). I am pretty sure that i'm holding on to the right strings and had already tuned my guitar. I've recently played on a super old yamaha guitar in a home, and it sounded way better than the one i have. So this leaves me to think, there must be something wrong with the guitar..

After much research i realised i'm loving the size of the Big baby taylor and the sound of it. But as the guitar i currently have is kinda free, looking at the hefty price tag of the Big baby taylor has got me kinda stuck. Is it normal and okay to spend $695 on a big baby taylor, considering it's size is different from the rest. In addition, where else can i get good offers if i were to purchase it. Any other recommendations are most gladly welcome.

Thank you all so much for hearing out. have a great week ahead! :)
a couple of questions.

why not go for a full sized but small body guitar?

for acoustic guitars, you have a number of different sized bodies which have different personalities in terms of the sound they give. for the big baby and the baby taylor, i find the sound rather thin and not enough bass end. that's cuz they're really small. try out some of the full size guitars in OM, 000 or 00 shapes.

next qn, are you very particular about the brand?

if you're picking the big baby cuz there's just something abt the guitar that you really like, then i'd say go ahead. if you're more worried about buying a full sized guitar cuz you might find it a bit too big to handle, i have three other recommendations for you that might save you a little money.

- Head down to City Music and check out their end of year sale. you shd be able to get a decent Craftsman guitar for a good price.

- the Yamaha F310. it's not a big dreadnaught shape so it's quite comfortable to play on this. and it's good value. i have a friend that totally neglected his to the point where the finish was all peeling off and it still sounded good.

- Maestro EO-1. this is a small 000 shaped guitar. again very comfortable to play and with their year end sale, it'll be more than 200 dollars cheaper.
what I think is that the acoustic guitar that you have on your hands right now has a warped neck causing the intonation to run slightly. we also have to take the guitar's action into account. also if you have old strings, that affects intonation by a lot.

IMO, try the guitar that you are going to buy first. most importantly you are comfortable playing the guitar. for myself, I cannot play a baby taylor cos the scale length is way too short. if I were to buy one, it would purely be for obtaining a certain kind of sound (take Ed Sheeran as an example). if I need that kinda sound, I would have to deal with that kind of discomfort and hopefully get used to it in time to come.

the big baby is slightly smaller than a regular full sized guitar. I would most definitely recommend such guitars to people who are smaller in size (young kids, girls etc). great sound but with that kinda price, I would suggest looking at other brands like custom acoustics unless you are sold on the big baby kinda sound. basically what you can expect from that guitar is the projection but in terms of dynamics, nothing really does compare to a full sized dreadnought guitar.