guitar teacher for complete newbie?


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as above :lol:
only learnt abit from websites!! since now is the holidaes, anyone giving lessons please pm me.
wait till mr.soft to move it. its better to go for lessons when you're a complete beginner cause its easier to rectify any mistakes that you've been making so far.. i'm heading to allmusic at the end of the week and might ask for justin ho's rates..
age dont matter... just i have an ol' fren called justin ho too.. and he plays a mean guitar. just ard 2 years older than me.. we're still young.. so i doubt the person you're mentioning is him
well if he studied in berklee before, has 14 years exp in guitar, plays in aphelion,war ensemble then its him?thats what stated in the brochure anyway.. i just asked for a slot for saturdays.. hope i can get it..