Guitar Stores Sale


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any nice offers that cannot be missed?

anyway does davis´ 10% discount applies to all guitars? if so it might be the best time to get that edwards les paul..
Guitar gallery is having a sale but because I have personal differences with them, I don’t give a hoot…

Edwards Les Paul… em… I’d rather yousave you $$$ & wait for the upcoming PRS SE single cut p-90…
Personal Difference? Sounds serious though... care to share? I´ve not had any bad experience with them when I try their stuff.

Oh yea, +1 to forgetting the Edwards Les Paul. They aren´t really impressive in "Les Paul" terms.
what´s wrong with the edwards? made in Japan and stocked with seymour duncan pickups. seems like a pretty good deal to me!
Maybe there’s nothing wrong with that guitar, the last edwards I inspected had shoddy workmanship + a crack at the neck-body joint…
maybe that´s just a bad one. i personally think Japanese guitars are incredible and affordable. only a gibson is expensive enough.
Of course, nothing agaist Jap guitars, 6 of my guitars are Japs.

I did engage in an opinion difference with the chaps at GG over a strat (Mex) price which exceeded $1K. They insisted the price was such because it was a re-issue blah blah. But I duly told them I can get the same model elsewhere for sub-$1K & they kinda raised their eyebrows on that note. However, when I returned to that shop which was selling the strat at very a very much lower list price, they have revised the price to match GG. I think you know which shop I am talking about here. I feel sorry for those who wish to acquire a reasonably priced strat which have been severely marked up due to a certain commercial alliance.

It also goes to show that guitar prices are pegged by the dealer & their knowledge on prices are rather lacking…

e PRS SE single cut p-90… will it be available in Singapore? no to order or davis will have stock??

i kinda lov the balck burst colour... shiok man...

It will be available at a later date, the singlecut SE has not debuted at the winter NAMM yet, we’ll have to wait for this event to be over before the new models hit the store…
hmm but come to think about it, i already own a les paul, feels like trying out some others.... wonder hows the PRS SE EG sound... especially the white version.. wonder how good it e trem.. n bolt on neck... all this...