Guitar Setup

Bro, Singapore is a sad place to be looking for such services- I’ve not come across any that does these well. Even simple guitar set ups are better done yourself, as some of the dealers who claim they know what to do actually are ignorant fools. Eg: I’ve seen a guitar set up by one of the dealers here but the intonation are all OFF/ simply forgotten… **sheesh**

If you can spare the cash, look for individual luthiers to have such rectifications done.

I send my guitar for rewiring at the guitar workshop. Don´t know whether its still in business or not?
If you are refering to the guitar workshop @ Ming Arcade (opp hard rock café) it’s now extinct. By the way, that place gets my thumbs down…
i can do simple setup, rewirings etc...but stuffs like nut-filing, refretting etc gotta be left to some experienced luthiers. the guy at sinamex´s guitar hospital seems pretty good, what do you think subversion?

are there any reputable luthiers out there?
There is but he’s hard to get in contact with, the name’s Malcolm & he restored my RG enough to make me put his name on the top of my recommendation…
Malcolm is now based in China and is back in town every couple of months by the look of it. I´d try and contact him by posting on the GAS station forum and you might be lucky enough to catch up with him when he´s in town next time. Seems he´s always willing to do work then.