Guitar Capo + 3 pcs Celluloid Picks *In Stock*


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*New & In stock*

black_guitar_capo__3_pcs_cellu_1598169414_1e5a04ec_progressive 12345689.jpg

Model 1 - Black Acrylic Hard Plastic Capo @ $3.95
Model 2 - Black Aluminium Alloy Capo @ $4.80
Model 3 - Wood Grain Print Hard Acrylic + Metal Alloy Capo @ $7.50
Model 4 - Wood Grain Aluminium Alloy Capo @ $7.80

All Promo Consists of:
- 1 no. of Guitar Capo
- 3 nos. of Guitar Picks *Random Colours & Thickness

For mailing or Meetup for collection,
Kindly msg me for arrangement. Thanks
Whatsapp me @ 9740 7206 or Msg me thru Soft sg

Will personally QC every product before mailing out. Quality assured!

Modes of payment via Cash, PayNow or PayLah

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Thanks for viewing 👍😊

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