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Someone was nice enough to post this in another forum:


In response to custom and other cab questions, I've often posted a list of custom cab makers. I've finished my research today, and added a large number of new listings, and I'd rather just get a comprehensive list completed and archived to make it easier for everyone to update and refer to it (along the lines of the recent comprehensive amp builder lists). Over time, I'll be adding a brief line for each cab maker that describes any specialties, etc.

Here's the list I have so far, please feel free to post any other guitar cab builders, and I'll update the list.

Also, I've listed some amp builders who appear to make very popular or unusual stock cabs. Feel free to post any others you know of (and I will definitely add any amp/cab builder who would like to be listed - just PM or email me). But I'd like to avoid simply duplicating every amp builder on the other thread listings (many who obviously offer their own cabs), hope that makes sense.

I'm listing the cabs in the next three posts:

Custom - pure custom cab builders who will build whatever you can dream up.

Stock - cab builders who offer their own designs only.

International - for our international members, a resource of cab builders across the world.
Custom Cabs


Antone Cabs:

Armadillo Amp Works:

Blues 49

Bob Burt Cabs:

DiMasi Cabs
dondim at

Ear Candy Cabs

Electrosonic Electrocabs

Fret Tech - Rare Form Cabs

Fusco Cabinets:

Headstrong Amps & Cabs

JDesign Custom Cabs: Shop.htm

Kress Amps

KW Custom Cabs:

Mad Sound:


Nick Greer Cabinets

Rare Form Custom Cabs by Fret Tech

Rodgers Cabinets
Larry Rodgers

Shawnee Custom Cabs:

Splawn Custom Cabs

Sultone Cabs

Swanson Custom Sound Shop

Tone-Tools Custom Cabs:

Tone Tubby Cabs

Trinity Custom Cabs

Trutone Custom Cabs:


Vintone Custom Cabs