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Hello guys, I just need expert advice. How exactly do Tune-o-matic bridges differ from Floyd Roses(in other words floating bridges)? And what would you recommend for a player who wants to play metal, jazz and blues?
tune-o-matics are hardtails, which means you don't get to use any tremolo arm to do vibratos, divebombs, etc. Floyd Roses are locked both at the bridge and at the nut which means the tuning stability is the best out of all the bridges but (correct me if i'm wrong on this one) when one string breaks every string goes out of tune and it's more troublesome to restring.

For jazz and blues you won't need a floyd rose, most jazz and blues doesn't involve much whammying with the exception of guys like Hendrix, and even he used a normal Strat tremolo, although he did go out of tune after almost every song. A lot of metal uses an awful lot of divebombing and whammy effects, however, so if you're serious about doing metal you should probably invest in a floyd rose guitar
You must be familiar with the setting up of a floating trem. Otherwise, owning one would be nothing but a hassle to you. make sure you buy one that is well setup otherwise good money would be spent unnecessarily on a trem angle set up.
It is indeed true that FR is used a lot by metal players. But it doesn't mean you can't play metal with tune-o-matic bridges. Gus G doesn't use FR... =).