Guitar amp

yes ... but not advisable ... not loog term ... speakers will spoil ... so unless you have a hi fi that you are prepared to trash .... dun destroy your Bang and Olufsen!
I've been doing that for a pretty long time. Running my guitar thru pod xt into speakers. No damage yet.
yes, pod xt live also has a direct input... doing that will not damage ur speakers at all cuz it's meant to do thatr in the 1st place...

on the other hand, putting a direct input into a guitar amp may spoil it... diferent kinda signals...
I think running a DI into an amp would be okae, because amps should be able to take both active and passive guitar pickups, and the active ones may be as hot as a DI. But who would want to plug a balanced output from the DI into the unbalanced one? Must as well dun use a DI