oh right yah i wld like to add to that, The meters are a must for any of u funk drummers. the drummer is Zigaboo mondelise and he influenced every funk drummer. another good band is galactic with stanton moore, and tower of power with david garibaldi
I like funk but sometimes when I look at some educational scores they don't sound that good (like to play but a bit strange).
i know wat u mean man. but sometimes i practice shit i know i will never ever use but strangely ehough it just bleeds into my playing and i go "fwah cool man!". practicing those funkadiddles will give u the ability to play complex syncopation stuff. ermmmm aiyah just practice it will come it use ful trust me has a lot of free mp3s to listen to... my favourite funk groove there would be dave weckl's "designer stubble". Kinda fusiony but i love the displacements. Damn musical. the guy's a genius.
Don't over play though... I know many drummers who play "funk" grooves but are in fact just playing a whole stream of notes with anyhow-syncopation and displacements... a total disregard for the music.
Haha. You kinda summed up what sunsetstone and Arnold said to me the other time. It's one thing to try to be showy and busy in your playing, and another to just lay back and really groove.
but if u can play a syncopations and displacements really well with the right emotions then it'll sound funky.

if u play like a syncs and displacements like a dead hamster then ur better off playing dead music..

the mood and your emotions creates a whole new funk to your funks :D
yah boy funk needs to be felt. u need that heavy 1, i use to think my ghost notes all sound damn nice, until i got fucked non stop about playing a "chatterbox" snare pattern. discretion and gd taste vvery important. i mean i feel just learn the syncopation then forget it and it will bleed into ur playing. strangely i've seen alot of drummers that dun play funk and dun listen to it and they get it u know? it's one of those in build things i feel. can be learnt lah just like the swung kinda feel. my lecture on monday covered new orleans music. u guys ever heard of new orlean's 8th notes? i haven't, its like somehwere in the middle of a swung 8th note and a straight 8th note. bands like galatics and the meters play stuff like that very behind the beat and ermm greasy? i not sure how to descirbe it.i tried to emulate the feel but its sounds like crap right now, hopefully when i meet up with u guys i'd have got it down.