Gingko wood for body?


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I'm a bass player mostly, but my friend is giving me a guitar amp that he didn't need. Passed by Guitar Alley earlier today so popped in and bought a Craftsman GS100.

Was under the impression that its Alder like the GS200, but checked the specs earlier on Citymusic's website and found that its 'Agathis Top, Gingko Body'.

I've never heard of gingko wood... Are there any problems with it? I haven't receive the amp yet, so what should I expect in terms of tone? Didn't try much in the store as it was the last piece, and I was in a rush.
It shouldn't be too bad. If I'm not mistaken it's just an alternative wood to something else. If I'm not mistaken Agathis is a varient of Alder