Gibson Voodoo


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hey i was wondering if the Gibson Voodoo is any good? any comments about it is welcome as im thinking of gettin one. was recommended by a friend.

Also i was wondering if someone could help me out on how to get a cradle of filth sound. basically the black metal kind of music going on in your own home. like what type of equipment would i need? (abit of details on the guitar types, pickups, amps, n pedals)

would the voodoo be adapt for such music?

lastly, anyone know how COF gets their vocals to be in such a way?

Thanks in advance :)
i like the vodoo series because:

*the body's ash, gives a better midrange definition
*high output pickups, helps especially the single note definition of the neck unit at the upper frets

however, i didn't buy the voodoo series because:

*it's only available in black
*the skull inlay is really juvenile
*lacks fretboard markings, makes me fumble all the time
*unreasonable asking price

however, a used unit might be a good deal if you are madly in love with one. it is a good sounding, well playing unit after all, despite the cosmetic quirks.

the COF tone is a PRS plugged into a MESA rectifier stack. however, any decent amp modeller & a high output humbucking guitar would do the job.

i have the same set up for my black metal/ fusion/ shred needs: my guitars + my Peavey XXL amp...

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Yeah.Voodoo series is a cool guitar.But aplomb price tag.I only can afford gibson little brother the epiphone les paul gothic series.
epiphone & squiers are names we shouldn't dismiss albeit their entry level associations. some of the Epis sound great. i really like the Tonni Iommi Epi, the pickups in there are crisp for high gain settings