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I would like to know people's opinion on the Gibson sg supreme cause i'm planning to purchase it. Is it a rip off for 3590 SGD? and are the standard or special versions better? thanks
The Faded Special especially.
I don't see how I should pay more for a maple top, which is mainly a cosmetic feature, though Gibson's maple caps on LPs do add to tone, which in this case, I don't know about, course I haven't see one yet. :)
gibsons sgs were one of my early first loves...if i had the cash i dun mind getting just a special for collection purposes
Standard, for sure. the SG Supreme is one FUGLY guitar. specials sound excellent, be they faded specials or regular specials, but i dunno, its just not a gibson without the inlays :D i have a '91 SG std, but the pups were pretty weak, plus its got the 60s slim taper neck... not great for tone. however, i really love the current SG std. tried a friend's '03 or '04 SG std, and the stock pups are really phat, plus its got the excellent 50s rounded profile, which really does add to the overall tone of the guitar. I'd go for a new SG std without a doubt.
Hey man..

I think you missed out the followings.

Classic (P-90 x 2) [In Production]
Junior (P90 x 1) [Out of Production]
61' Reissue (Classic 57s x2) [In Production]
Custom (Humbuckers x 3) [In Production]
Deluxe (Minihumbucker x2) [Out of Production]

I'm an SG user (61 RI). IMO, there are no better SGs. Each SG is just like a different tool used for a different job.

Supreme. I think it has 24 frets and I've heard good reviews from some websites. I've seen pretty good examples on Ebay which are real stunners. But it is a modern rendition of SG so be sure its what you want before purchasing it.

61' RI or Standard? The differences? 61 RI neck joins the body at 21st fret while standard joins at 19th.
LimpPisskit said:
None of the above.........I'd get Tony Iommi SG.

GODFATHER of heavy metal. Iommi signature pickups. Evil inlays..yeah!


but the inlay is cross lah, not evil :D
standard for me...

but if i dun have that much cash, i'll go for special (not the faded version, the normal one). a little different in cosmetics (inlays, fretboard binding, pick-ups)

if i have so much more cash, i'll go for the 61 reissue... love the bigger headstock!
IMO the Supreme is for dedicated SG fans who don't mind spending the extra $$$ for good looks.

i'm not a Gibson fan but i own the SG Special Faded Edition as i value clarity & playability. the lacquerless finish will appeal to those who are not into finished necks & the uncovered default humbuckers have better clarity. if you are after a typical, treble-rounded Gibson tones, the Special is not for you.