Gibson Les Paul Standard


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This is a genuine authentic early 90s golden era Gibson Les Paul Standard in black, with pictures to prove it's not those despicable market spoiling fakes, so you can buy this with confidence. Non-chambered. No hard case, has a small inconspicuous body ding at the back (purely cosmetic), some finish checking at binding (purely cosmetic and is normal for an aged Gibson) otherwise in very good player's condition, not a case queen. For players not collectors. Extremely high quality rosewood fretboard, heavy mahogany.

Cheap price of $2300. This guitar is very worth it because it is not like newer Gibsons with chambered bodies. For serious buyers only. No fussy people and no lowballers.






Q: Any breaks/etc?
A: No. There are no cracks or breaks. If there is, I would have stated so.

Q: What's the neck shape?
A: As already stated, this is a Gibson Les Paul Standard and it's from the early 90s. If you are a serious buyer who have done your homework, from these you can already infer that it has the fat neck. Slim neck models from that era are the Les Paul Classics.

Q: Any hard case?
A: As already stated, no.

Additional notes:

No point asking me questions when you have no money, the info are already out there or if you have no intention to buy.