FS Yamaha Pacifica with EMGs and Wilkinson Hardwares CHEAP !


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Looking to offload 1990s Made in Taiwan Yamaha Pacifica Strat.

Model: PAC312M2
This guitar has been discontinued since the late 90s.
Guitar color: Old Violin Sunburst.

Maple Neck with Maple Fingerboard
Solid Alder body with Ash top
Pickups: EMG SLV(N), EMG SLV(M), EMG 81(B)
Tuners: Wilkinson
Bridge: Wilkinson

Condition 9/10. Fretlife plenty.

Priced reduced to $330 ! (Final). Do note that the upgrades alone are already $350.

In my opinion the old made in taiwan's yamaha guitars are better in terms of QC, as compared to the current made in indonesia ones. Also, since yamaha has stopped its production in taiwan, you'll not have an easy time finding one.

Interested parties can sms me at 90231844. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Fussy buyers need not apply. Thanks !